We provide information

We provide every member with our regular association circular. We report on a variety of matters of importance to the trade, such as customs, Value Added Tax, excise duties and foreign trading law, the effects of the European single market, developments in the ship supply and duty-free sector, subsidies available to ship suppliers, business contact trips subsidised by the authorities, new technologies, important new legislation and regulations in the industry, etc. Our information can help you to meet the current requirements. And that means competitive advantage for your business.

For all issues specific to this industry, contact the Association, where you will find expert knowledge and commitment for the concerns of members. The Association receives a constant flow of new information from day-to-day involvement in the business and feedback from the practical experience gathered by member companies. This gives us an information lead, which we are pleased to pass on to members.
We promote the interests of the ship supply business and the duty-free trade; with our 140 members we are a powerful force to stand up for your interests and conduct negotiations on your behalf:

– at German federal and regional level – with ministries, authorities, governmental institutions and other associations;

– at EU level – with the authorities and organisations in Brussels;

– at international level – with the supranational organisations.

We have influence on draft legislation in the interest of the sector, thus preventing disadvantages for our members. For example, we have obtained a VAT exemption for ship supplies to commercial vessels; we have obtained cancellation of the quantity regulation for customs-exempted ship’s provisions in the new Customs Duties Act; established special small quantities regulations for bonded goods transportation; achieved exemption of ship supplies from licence requirements for restitution goods; obtained an extension of the export restitution procedure for EU agricultural produce for supplies to third-country vessels and an exemption for ship supplies within EU veterinary legislation; and negotiated exemptions for technical fitting-out equipment from third countries within the scope of “special applications”. We are a strong lobby!

Members are entitled to a free entry in the German Shipsuppliers Register – a detailed directory of our member companies and their areas of business.

This is a four-colour brochure with some 110 pages in A5 format, in English, and is distributed to more than 4000 shipowners, shipbrokers, shipyards, ship suppliers and other companies allied to the shipping industry worldwide. It is well established and highly regarded as a directory of sources for shipping purchases. On payment of an extra charge, members can additionally have an entry in the annual issue of the ISSA Register, which is the membership directory of the International Ship Suppliers and Services Association – a valuable way for them to advertise their goods and services worldwide.

Membership in our Association and entry in the ISSA Register gives you membership of the International Ship Suppliers and Services Association (ISSA), the Federation of national ship suppliers associations, which comprises about 2.000 companies and 43 member associations. ISSA promotes and represents the interests of ship suppliers worldwide. It has drawn up terms and conditions of business for ship suppliers and publishes the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue.

This technical Ship Suppliers Catalogue (20.000 articles) is sold to shipowners and ship suppliers throughout the world since 1978, to specify the goods and services available and simplify ordering. ISSA also holds an annual convention, giving a framework for discussion of international developments and an opportunity for business contacts with ship suppliers throughout the world. German ship suppliers can become members of ISSA only through us.

As the German Association at federal level, we maintain constant contacts with numerous central and regional government authorities, institutions and organisations. In many cases we are able to resolve serious problems for our members by standing up for their interests at the right place and the right time, and by establishing the right contacts.

You can benefit from these excellent contacts we have built up over the years. Make use of the “neutral” position of the Association to help resolve your industry-specific problems.

The informal exchange of information and experience between members is a strong factor in promotion of cooperation and economic success. An important aspect of this is the Annual General Meeting, for discussion of problems and initiation of measures, for exchange of experience and discussion of the latest developments and trends. There are also working groups for our members to address specific problems and come up with solutions. Membership of the German Shipsuppliers Association gives you contact with 140 fellow-members in the business. There are also international discussion groups at the annual ISSA convention, for international exchange of experience.
For a quick entry in complex new regulation we organize seminars and information meetings.

– EU Customs Code

– Reform of Transit Systems

– Dangerous goods

– Export procedure

– Terms and conditions

– REACH and Shiprecycling

Quick knowledge of new requirements saves trouble and also saves time, enabling our members to get on with their main business.

As a member of our Association, you are allowed to use the emblems of the German Shipsuppliers Association and as an ISSA Member you are allowed to use the emblems of ISSA on your letterheads and internet, thus publishing your membership in these associations. Membership in the German Shipsuppliers Association and in ISSA strengthens your position in your business, both in Germany and abroad.
For members we have some attractive special conditions.

Members could reach special prices at some events and exhibitions.