German Shipsuppliers Register

The German Shipsuppliers Association, Hamburg, publishes its comprehensive Shipsuppliers Register, which contains information on its 140 member companies in Germany.
Register Abbildung

Apart from company names, addresses with telephone-, telex-, fax-numbers, email addresses, web sites, lines of business, the Register stipulates further details such as names of proprietors, managing directors, departments, managers, clerks, agencies and distribution of specific goods, branch offices, ports of delivery etc.
The Register is issued in an edition of more than 4000 copies in English and will be distributed worldwide to shipowners, Shipsuppliers, shipbrokers, shipyards and to other companies allied to the shipping industry. It is published annually in August.

The Register contains member companies of the German Shipsuppliers Association which can be considered as bona-fide shipstores merchants. It enables the shipowner to select „his“ suppliers from the large number of companies. Moreover, this Register gives extensive information on the shipstore trade in Germany for wholesalers and other circles allied to the shipping industry.

Member and non-member companies have the possibility to place an advertisement (format DIN A 5). If you’re interested please contact our association office for further information.

You can download the current “German Shipsuppliers Register” as PDF (see under Publications) or obtain it free of charge from

Verband Deutscher Schiffsausrüster e.V.
(German Shipsuppliers Association)
Colonnaden 46
20354 Hamburg / Germany