German Shipsuppliers Association

Federal Association, founded 1947, +/- 130 members, Ship Suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, logistic companies and other companies allied to the ship supply sector.

Advertisement opportunity also for non-members

The membership is only possible for German companies.
Non-members have the possibility to place an advertisement in the well-known German Shipsuppliers Register.

Interested companies please contact the association office via e-mail:


Specialist information + individual consultation, comprehensive advocacy, exchange of experiences, events, contacts, advertising, special conditions

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German Shipsuppliers Register

You are not yet listed in the German Shipsuppliers-Register?
It is the ideal advertising opportunity in the maritime field

The German Shipsuppliers Association publishes its register since 1973. It is published each mid-year with about 4,000 copies. It is well-known, shipped worldwide and is available as a PDF for viewing and PDF-download on the Association website.

It contains detailed information about listed association members and legal law firms in the maritime sector and advertisements.

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